Top Five Paddle Boarding Spots in Florida

Florida is known best for its crystal clear beaches, as well as enchanting rivers and lakes. It has the longest coastline among all other states in America, which stretches as long as 1197 miles in length and touches both Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Its amazing seashores, beautiful lakes and charming rivers, surrounded by Florida’s remarkable wildlife, make it one of the top destination for vacationing. Many visitors are attracted to the vivacious watersport industry that is booming in this glamorous state.

Along with many other watersports, paddle boarding has become iconic in the Sunshine State. Before you go however, make sure you have yourself a good one, here a list of the best inflatable Paddle boards and SUP paddles.

paddleboarding florida

These are our top five favorite paddle boarding destinations in Florida

Coastal Dune Lakes

Some of the unique coastal dune lakes are found in Florida, in the northwest region, along the emerald coast. Expect to experience a tranquil day paddle boarding in this exotic cut of nature, while observing wildlife in their natural habitat. You will gain a new appreciation for the sport while paddle boarding with a view of amazing underwater creatures such as turtles, sharks, alligators and much more.

Key West

The notorious waters of Key West are host of an amazing natural playground for paddle boarders. It is famous for its red mangroves islands, along which you can ride your paddle board, while viewing the mesmerizing oceanic wildlife, such as crabs, tropical fish and lobsters.

South Walton

South Walton is a paddle boarder’s dream spot. It has remarkable flowing rivers and ancient dune lakes, boasting over 6,000 years old. These unique lakes, formed from a mixture of saltwater and fresh water, are home to interesting wildlife. It is typical to see exotic birds, white-tailed deer, brown pelicans, dolphins, and tortoises enjoying the crystal clear waters against the backdrop of lush greenery.

South Walton florida

The enchanting forest is filled with magnolias, pines, live oaks, palmetto palms, scrub oaks, and other exquisite vegetation. Plan to spend several days in this destination, as there are numerous adventures to partake in and various sights to see. It is a perfect place if you are new to paddle boarding, as well the seasoned boarder.

You have the added convenience of renting paddleboards that are delivered, free of cost from various paddleboard companies. After you have exhausted your paddle boarding experience, you can indulge in the fishing, swimming, horseback riding, biking, or hiking offered in this incredible setting.

Make sure to set aside time to venture into the nearby villages, accessible through the bike trails, to enjoy a delicious meal in the quaint cafés, while admiring the unique architecture. Don’t stop with just one of the villages, each one has its own architecture and flare!

St. Augustine

The historical city of St. Augustine gives the perfect setting for paddle boarding. There are multiple accommodations for paddle boarders provided by companies, such as “Let’s Go, Stand up”.

They provide paddle boarding customers with equipment, training, and guided tours around the area. These specialized training companies make it an ideal spot for beginners wanting to break into the sport of paddle boarding.

Miami Beach

It is a great spot for paddle boarders to enjoy some boarding with an urban experience. You can experience stand up paddle boarding with striking views of Miami’s skyscrapers and towers. Numerous paddle boarding companies provide instruction for those inspiring to try paddle boarding for the first time or hone their skills.

The specialty of Miami Beach is the “Neon Tours”. You can enjoy the experience of night paddle boarding with unique paddleboards, which are equipped with LED lights of different colors, to make it an experience you will never forget.

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