Saltwater Fishing Maryland

Maryland is such a fantastic place to take in all sorts of outdoor activities, including saltwater fishing. In a place that is known for their crab cakes, it is no surprise that the fishing here is quite amazing. If saltwater fishing is your favorite activity and you are looking for some of the best places in Maryland to take in this adventure, this will help you find the perfect spots for fishing.

Assateague State Park /Assateague Island

Here at this location, you are able to take in both marina fishing as well as surf fishing. If you want to fish for stripers, you should participate in surf fishing during the spring and fall as this is when these fish are migrating. You can even take a trip on a charter boat as there are many options for you to choose from here.

These will take you to the Atlantic Ocean, where you can fish for such varieties as bluefish, marlin, stripers, and sharks just to name a few of the fish that you can try for on these boats. You could also try your hand at catching crabs or going clamming while you are here.

Ocean City

Ocean City has quite a few different options for saltwater fishing here. You can take part in Ocean City inlet fishing, where you can fish for trout, bluefish, flounder, and tautog.

You are also able to go pier fishing here both on the inlet and near the inlet. Here you can get perch, shark, and other fish common in this area. There are many other piers in this area that you can fish from as well. There are also many bulkheads and bridge fishing that that you could also take in while you are here.

Fishing Maryland

Chesapeake Bay

One of the best locations that a person can take in saltwater fishing is Chesapeake Bay. There are numerous varieties of fish that you can find here in the bay, including bluefish, croacker, flounder, gray trout, black drum, and rock fish. You can find charter boats in this area that can take you and your family on a fishing expedition.

Plus, you can easily get all of your fishing needs met here as there are several shops up and down the block for you to get everything from bait to even permits if you happen to need one while you are fishing in this area.

Saltwater Fishing in Maryland

Maryland can be an excellent place to take in saltwater fishing. Whether you are visiting the area or are just looking for a new location to go fishing, you will love to check out any of these incredible locations.

You are going to be able to fish in some relaxing and gorgeous locations that will help you relax while enjoying nature and fishing. Keep in mind that some locations are more strict than others when it comes to requiring a permit or a license, so be sure to do your research to ensure that you are fishing legally and responsibly.

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