Camping and Hiking in Quebec

Canadians are well-know for several things: they’re famous for hockey, they say “sorry” all the time, they ride moose, and they drink coffee from Tim Hortons. Whatever you know Canada for, you may not know that Quebec has some of the best hiking in the country. In the summer, the trails that are usually utilized for skiing are turned into hiking trails.

Below, you can find some of the best places in Quebec to go hiking or camping.

Bromont Mountain

Bromont Mountain is located only a half hour from Sutton Mountain. This mountain has a loop which lasts for about fifteen kilometres. If that seems to be a bit much for you, you can also go on horseback, snowshoes, etc. so that you can enjoy your experience to the full extent.

It’s a very woodsey area, and your pets are allowed to tag along as well! After all, who would want to leave their beloved pet at home so that they can go and have fun on the mountain? No one, that’s who. The area is known for its “out of the blue” rainstorms, be sure to pack a lightweight rain coat.

Sutton Mountain

In the summer and fall, Sutton Mountain provides you with scenery that is to-die-for. There are trails for completely different levels of difficulty and on your way up the mountain, there are stops so you can rest, eat, and enjoy the view. At the very top of several trails are lakes that you have the opportunity to swim in. Not only this, but the chair lifts are available to help you out and provide you with an excellent view of nature from above. If you plan on tent camping here, be sure to bring some type of padding for putting under your sleeping bag, the soil is very rocky here!

Fairmount Camping

If you’re looking for a place that is family oriented then this camp ground is definitely the place to go. You can rent out a lot for either a season or a weekend. You can decide to have either a trailer or a tent. No matter what you decide it’s never a dull moment at Fairmount. There is a swimming pool, a lake with a rock and sprinklers in the center that children love to race to, a rec center to play games like air hockey and to buy snacks, a valley ball court, a swing set, a baseball field, and much more.

La Maurice Regional Park

With an incredibly high rating, this park appears to be the one to beat. It has over five hundred square kilometres of land and have about one hundred and fifty lakes. If you’re a person who likes to chase after scenery then La Maurice is definitely the place for you.

Quebec is often looked down upon within Canada, and within other countries. That being said, there is no doubt that Quebec is the poster child for ideal hiking and camping spots. People from all over the world visit just to tour the area and experience the hills. Even in winter, these hills are turned into some of the very best trails for skiing. In general, it is always a fun time in the area and there is no way you’ll regret deciding to take you vacation there.

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