Best Fishing Spots In Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some of the best fishing on the planet. There are more lakes in our great state than almost anywhere, so there are lots of good opportunities. So in between watching the Packers and a bite of cheese you can cast a line and pull in some BIG fish.

The biggest problem you will have is trying to narrow it down to a manageable list. So with the help of our loyal readers, fishing guides and bait shops we have come up with a list of our top 15 places for Wisconsin fishing. So after reading ou list you will have your work cut out for you to try and fish them all!

wisconsin fishing spots

Lake Geneva – Located in Walworth County and over 5,000 acres in size is number one fishing lake in Wisconsin! The reason is obvious, there a TON of different species of fish!
It has great walleye,crappie, bluegill and pike. Not too mention you can catch lake trout, rainbow and brown trout as well! If that were not enough, there is a large population of largemouth and smallmouth bass. We ahve heard there are reports of some trophy size bass being pull out of there.

Lake Puckaway – This is a beautiful lake located near the town of Marquette in Green Lake county with over 5,000 acres of great fishing waters. If you like fishing for Muskies, this will be your place. I personally have fished this lake and pulled out a few 20 plus inches in size.

Beaver Dam Lake – This lake is located in Dodge county and offers over over 6,500 acres of prime fishing. This lake is one of the best panfish lakes in the state and maybe the country. It also known for great crappie & bluegill fishing. And if ice fishing is your thing, Beaver Dam has been reported to be awesome for this. Assuming you can brave the cold, it will be worth it.

Lake Winnebago – Is one of the largest lakes in Wisconsin coming at a whopping 137,000 acres this amazing lake is high up on the list of great fishing spots. The reasons of course are an abundance of large fish, you will find trophy sized large and smallmouth bass. I personally not caught them at this lake but I hear there are a large population of pike, walleye and crappies. I think you just have to know where to go, best to ask a local where to go.

Lake Wisconsin – This fabulous fishing lake is located in Columbia county. Clocking in at over 10,000 acres, this massive lake that spreads out around 9,000 acres is really only known for one type of fish: Walleye. Fishermen from around the country come here to try their hand at catching the trophy sized Walleye that inhabit this lake.

Well with list of lakes, you should be in fishing heaven for quite some time. You have your choice of a variety of fishing. So if you like Walleye, Pike, Crappie and Bass there are some trophy sized fish waiting for you. Just keep in mind that these are some isolated spots and make sure you pack in all the appropriate gear!

Good luck.


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